We started J.Hilburn to deliver an experience that’s centered around the client. While that sounds simple, remember that traditional apparel brands are started to fulfill a creative need, not a practical need.

The challenge seemed simple. It’s hard to find clothes that fit, high quality apparel is expensive, and going to shop just isn’t fun. So what if we could deliver unique fit and design using the finest materials in the world, and deliver the experience in a truly personal way.

The experience starts with a Personal Stylist. Our primary goal is get to know YOU. How you like your clothes to fit? How do you like to dress for work, for social events, off duty on the weekends? We want to be your trusted advisor for your image, so that you never have to think about it. Just know that you’ll look good, be dressed appropriately for the occasion and probably get a lot of compliments. But really, you’ll feel more confident and others will notice.

So our goal is to deliver on three brand promises:

  • Fit – We’ll take measurements to deliver shirts and tailored clothing that fits. You may fit off-the-rack pretty well, but try making one cuff a little larger to fit your watch. While ‘fit’ traditionally means size, we also want your clothes to fit your personal style. So our Personal Stylist will guide you through designing your shirts & suits, in fact your whole outfit, to reflect your personal style.
  • Value – Our materials, construction and delivery times are best-in-class. So is our pricing. We don’t discount or bundle our made-to-order products, because we deliver the best value every single time. We work directly with our Italian fabric mills and our factories to deliver the best quality, consistency and delivery in the industry. Other companies work with middlemen, we do not. Even better, you get a Personal Stylist who will take the time and stress out of wondering what to wear.
  • Experience – Your time is valuable, and you can’t buy more of it. We can ensure you spend a lot less time shopping. Your time is better spent when you don’t have to worry about fit, when you trust your Personal Stylist to figure out what to wear and when you don’t have to go to a store or even a website.

Welcome to the world of J.Hilburn.