Linen Shirts: Embrace the Wrinkle


The heat is on. Yes, it’s a cliche, but summer and warmer temperatures are upon us. In an earlier post, we discussed how to Embrace the Rumple by adding Soft Wash to your Custom Shirting which yields a soft t-shirt like feel in your tailored fit. Now, it’s time to Embrace the Wrinkle. 

The wrinkle refers to linen, a true warm weather fabric that is made for the man that wants to dress well and appropriately for both the weather and season. Linen is a natural fabric made from the flax plant. Flax fibers give linen the light feel and exceptional coolness in hot weather.

In a man’s wardrobe there should be clothing for every type of occasion and situation. Yes, golf polos have a place, but that should be reserved for the golf course, not the office and social occasions. You need legitimate options for work, social, and off-duty occasions no matter the weather. That’s where a fabric like linen comes into play.

Linen shirting. This could mean 100% linen or a linen and cotton blend. There’s a need and occasion for both.

100% Linen

The quintessential summer shirt. Think sharp and simple. Take a solid color linen shirt and give it a dressier feel with a pair of lightweight gabardine trousers. A great look for a nice dinner while on vacation.

Style Tip: When opting for a 100% linen shirt, go for simple styling details. Spread collar, placket, no pleat back, no pocket and have some fun with sport buttons or contrast thread, something extra to make it personal (other than fit).

Light Blue Solid Linen

Pictured: Light Blue Solid Linen Custom Shirt with spread collar, soft interlining, and shell buttons

Linen Blends

A combination of 50-60% linen and the rest cotton, giving the fabric a bit more softness. Not as crisp as a 100% linen shirt which makes it a great option for a casual sportshirt this summer. We like this style in a casual spread collar which makes it versatile to wear with shorts, denim and 5-pockets.

Style Tip: Linen shirting can be as bold as you want to make it – when opting for a louder pattern and color palette, ground your entire look by pairing with your favorite pair of jeans. No need to add more to this look, the shirt does the talking for you.

Navy/Peach Linen Blend Multi Plaid

Pictured: Navy/Peach Linen Blend Multi Plaid Custom Shirt with spread collar, soft interlining, and white shell buttons with Navy contrast button thread

Try a linen shirt this season and “Embrace the Wrinkle.”