Sharp Stripes in the Smoothest Cotton


Twills are a standard in dress shirting, and the J.Hilburn Twill Stripe Collection takes that standard up a notch. Our Twill Stripe Collection from Albini features a lightweight twill construction made with Giza 87 cotton, making for a super soft, luxurious Custom Shirt that will add a nice option to your weekday wardrobe. Giza 87 cotton is completely controlled by Albini in their own cotton fields along the Nile River. The utmost attention and care is given through all stages of growing and cultivation to produce a smooth hand and silky touch. The use of Giza 87 cotton in a 100s single ply yarn allows for sharper patterns and subtler stripes, which is a noticeable feature in this collection of Twill Stripes.

Available in three colorways White/Grey, White/Light Blue, and White/Lavender, our Twill Stripe fabrics from Albini give you a subtle accent of color in a not-too-bold of a stripe that can only be described as stunning sophistication.

Styling Feature: White/Grey Twill Stripe

Grey Twill Stripe Custom Shirt,

Pictured: Blue Tonal Windowpane Suit, White/Grey Twill Stripe Custom Shirt, & Grey Knit Tie

Dress It Up: Try pairing the White/Grey Twill Stripe with the Blue Tonal Windowpane Suit from Reda. The steely grey undertone of the blue is accentuated with the lighter grey color stripe. The multiple patterns and colors are grounded by a Grey Solid Knit Tie, which adds another layer of texture that complements the entire look.

Grey Twill Stripe Custom Shirt

Pictured: Silver Cotton Drill Soft Jacket, White/Grey Twill Stripe Custom Shirt, & JBrand white denim

Keep It Casual: Styling the White/Grey Twill Stripe with JBrand white denim and a Soft Silver Cotton Drill Jacket creates a simple and elegant look to stay sharp when dressing down.