Was your coat made for you?


Was your coat made for you? More than likely your answer is “no.” Just like having your shirts, suits, and ties uniquely made for you, allow us to introduce our new J.Hilburn Made-to-Measure Outerwear program, providing you a personal outerwear piece that will be your armor against the elements for many years to come.

We sought out luxurious fabrics from Lanificio Luigi Colombo – 100% cashmere in 4 color-ways (Camel, Charcoal, Charcoal Herringbone, and Navy Herringbone). But we didn’t stop there, on the Camel and Charcoal colorways, a Thermo Performance finish was applied to add wind and rain resistance, giving you comfort and performance to your winter wardrobe staple.

Our Made-to-Measure Outerwear comes in 2 styles both available with polished and functional options. The Top Coat is the perfect excuse to get rid of that long, heavy overcoat hanging in your closet. You’ll wear this lighter weight style over your Made-To-Measure suits to and from the office or when you want to add a dressed up element to your Off-Duty sportshirt and jeans look on the weekend. The second style is the Car Coat – shorter in length for ease of movement and a versatile option that can be worn for practically any occasion. Both styles offer you a timeless coat that will never go out of style. And what about those options? You get to choose your lapel, pockets, coat length, lining color, buttons, and extras like working buttons or a zip-out liner. All of these choices combine to make your perfect outerwear piece.

Let’s talk about fit. Does your current coat fit you? And we don’t mean just fit you – does it offer the fit the way a proper outerwear piece should? Our Made-To-Measure Outerwear takes that in mind with a fit that is not only made to your unique chest measurement and with the fit you prefer, but it is also made to be worn comfortably over your sportcoat. This may sound easy, but it’s one of the most common mistakes men make when purchasing an overcoat. You’re either sizing down which confines your jacket shoulders and range of movement, or you’re sizing up and wearing a garment that looks like it’s hanging off you because it’s too big. Fit in your outerwear piece is just as important as with your custom shirts and suits. The better a garment fits you, the better you’ll feel, look, and find yourself wearing it more.

Lastly, is a coat really worth the investment? Usually, an outerwear piece will set you back a couple thousand dollars. This forces many men to convince themselves they don’t need an overcoat, which is completely wrong. An outerwear piece is an important part of a man’s wardrobe, no matter where he may live. Even if in a warmer climate, he’ll need a coat for business travel or occasional trips to a colder climate. That’s why our outerwear program was developed with value in mind. For around a thousand dollars, you can have a new outerwear piece that fits you better than anything else you’ve ever worn, keeps you warm and protected from the weather, and, above all, you had a hand in designing it.