1 Suit, 4 Ways


The Navy Suit – Classic. Sharp. Versatile. 

To have this ultimate closet staple that will stand the test of time, you must start with quality fabric and construction. A suit has to be well-made and, of course, made for you. Make sure to choose a shade of navy that you like and that also works well with a variety of other colors. And we know what you’re thinking, isn’t all navy the same? No, it isn’t. There are different hues and shades of navy just like there are with greys, browns, and other colors. You need something medium navy, not too light, not too dark. In addition to fabric and hue, you’ll want a clean, simple style that will make it easy to wear – flap pockets, side vents, and a notch lapel is your best bet. If you’d like a few elevated styling notes, opt for ticket or hacking pockets.

To encompass all of these components, we like our Navy Revenge Solid from Vitale Barberis Canonico. In the Super 150s, this suit is a step up from your basic twill, which adds to its versatility so you can wear it formally and casually.

Business Formal

This occasion calls for a suit and tie. The Navy Revenge is the perfect choice. Navy is easy to wear and this particular fabric has a nice punch of color to it that makes it a sharp suit and tie choice any day of the week.

Business Casual

A little more casual than Business Formal so you’re most likely skipping the tie. Even though you’re not wearing a full dress look, you still want your suit to be sharp. Our Navy Revenge slots in here easily keeping you sharp without the dress shirt and tie. Opt for a seasonal shirt that can stand on its own without the tie and pairs well with the navy suit. This adds interest to the look.

Creative Casual/Social

A navy suit is just for business, right? Wrong. A navy suit is a staple in any man’s wardrobe and here is an example of how you can make your Navy Revenge suit work in a Creative or Social environment. Skip the dress shirt and go for a modern lightweight sweater. Try a different shoe here as well – a sleek sneaker if you’re feeling daring or a more casual lace-up would do nicely.

Casual Friday

Ahhh TGIF. You don’t feel like wearing a suit but that doesn’t mean beat up jeans and an untucked shirt. You still want a sharp, pulled-together look. This is where your Navy Revenge suit is easily split up, the jacket becomes your Navy blazer, pair it with a Khaki 5-pocket (a great denim alternative), and a button down white shirt to keep your look casual. Finish the look off with a loafer, and you’re good to go.