Suits are an important part of a man’s wardrobe – no matter what form that suit takes. One of our favorite new styles of suiting is the Deconstructed Suit. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? So, what does “deconstructed” mean?

Put simply, “deconstructed” means light. It specifically refers to the construction we use for this style. The lightness comes from removing the floating half-canvas chest piece we typically use in our jackets. We’ve also removed most of the shoulder padding – leaving just a minimal piece to provide a better drape when worn. This also applies to the newest member of the Deconstructed family – the Deconstructed Trouser. In this garment we’ve reduced the interlining in the waistband making it light as well. We’ve also lightened up the front curtain and shaped the trouser with no crease to make them more casual.

These pieces are both great on their own or together. The Deconstructed Jacket is a must this season for a lightweight sportcoat in our flannels or cords to wear casually with denim. The Deconstructed Trouser is a comfortable option for the office with a navy blazer, or on its own with a Fall sweater. But when you put these two pieces together – something really great happens, you get a Deconstructed Suit.

Why would you want a Deconstructed Suit? Because it’s the non-suit, suit. Casual, easy-to-wear, and perfectly fills that gap between sportswear and tailored clothing. A suit that you can wear in a number of occasions. Wear to the office for a Business Casual day, or any day if you work in a relaxed or Creative environment. Leave the business suit at home and wear this for a night on the town or your next trip. It’s dressed up without feeling dressed up.

For fall, we like our Heather Herringbone Flannels from Reda. These fabrics offer the texture of a flannel and a bit more interest with the herringbone pattern. Super soft, light, and when combined with our Deconstructed Style, it creates the suit you will want to wear all the time. Here’s how to wear them.

The Travel Buddy

Keylook 21

Keylook 21
Style Tip: Wear your coat on the plane. It saves room in your luggage, serves as a blanket for a longer flight, and makes you prepared for the weather upon arrival.

A Deconstructed Suit is perfect for travel when the weather turns a bit cooler. The lightweight construction is comfortable to wear for the grind of planes, trains, and automobiles, and when combined with our herringbone flannels it makes a great travel companion. Add a refined crewneck sweater and a Made-To-Measure Outerwear piece, and you’re ready to go.

The “Best Dressed” Guy at the Office


Keylook 12
Style Tip: It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a tie with a Deconstructed Suit, but keep it a bit more casual and make sure it has a similar look and feel. Try a solid knit, or a slimmer wool tie and pair with a chambray shirt to keep your look cool and cohesive.

Being the best dressed means you always look good and pulled-together no matter the day of the week. A Deconstructed Suit in blue strikes the right note of cool, yet still business. The softer lines and casual feel keep you comfortable all day for whatever the day has in store.

The Man About Town

Keylook 25

Keylook 25
Style Tip: Darker tonal colors work best for evening occasions. It’s a sharper look and completely different than what you would wear to the office which makes it more special.

Time for a night on the town. This calls for a different look than what you wore to the office that day. You want to dress appropriately but not stuffy. That’s when a Deconstructed Suit comes in handy. It’s light and comfortable to wear no matter what you’re up to – the local pub or a chic lounge.