Your Tie Should Be Custom Too


A necktie is the ultimate accessory that truly defines business formal dressing. Nothing means business more than a sharp suit, crisp custom dress shirt, and the perfect tie. However, you must choose the right tie – not just any tie will do for every occasion. You have your suit and shirt made for you – why shouldn’t you do the same for your tie?

First of all, ties are all about proportion. Proportion is defined as the “comparative relation between thing as to size.” Simply put, everything you wear should compliment each other. A harmonious balance is achieved when you combine elements that are of the same size. This is the true beauty and advantage of a custom wardrobe; all the elements of your wardrobe complement each other and you. The lapel of your jacket and the width of your tie should be similar in size. This also holds true for your tie knot and shirt collar, each should be in proportion.

Our Custom Neckwear offers you several options for achieving the correct proportion, but also the right construction, fabric, and your own personal details.


We offer 32 unique Italian fabrics in our Custom Neckwear program. Printed silks offer a classic tie perfect for a Business Formal occasion with a sharp solid color suit. These offer a bit of whimsy and color to your everyday wardrobe. We also offer Grenadine solids, which have a unique texture that will add a touch of sophistication and sprezzatura to your look; the perfect way to ground your patterned sportcoat and shirt. Lastly, we will be offering Cashmere this winter. The ultimate in luxury, Cashmere is for pairing with classic fabrics such as flannels and corduroys this season.



Choose from 3, 5, or 7-fold constructions depending on how you want to wear your Custom Tie (the fold refers to how many times the fabric is folded over itself). Each construction has its advantage. A 3-fold’s beauty is in its simplicity – light, simple, and easy to wear. A 5-fold strikes the perfect balance of weight and structure and adds just a bit more body to your tie than the 3-fold, making it a great choice for everyday business wear. And then the 7-fold – one piece of fabric folded seven times – takes the most time and skilled craftsmanship to make and offers the most weight and body to the tie – perfect for the true tie connoisseur.

Style Tip: When choosing the construction for your Custom Tie, think about what tie knot you prefer. Certain constructions are better for certain knots. A 3-fold tie knot will be smaller than a 7-fold. Also keep in mind the appropriate tie width needs to support the size of knot to keep with your proportion.


Make your tie truly yours. With our Custom Ties, you can choose the proportionate length and width for you – the days of having to deal with too long or too short ties are in the past. Choosing the tie length is easy – as a general rule of thumb, your tie should hit your waistband or belt buckle.

Then, choose the right width for your frame and your style. If you’re a regular size guy, you can’t go wrong with the standard 3 or 3.25” width, while if you’re a bit slimmer, you can go a bit thinner with the 2.5” or 2.75”. Extended Sizing guys need a tie that will complement their size – thus the 3.5” and 3.75” width options would be a good choice. Why does this matter? Proportion. If a bigger guy put on a slim tie, the balance would be thrown off, same if the smaller guy wore a wider width.

In addition to the length and width, you can add your monogram and personal dedication. The personal dedication is where you can really make it unique. On a lined tie, choose up to 25 characters – perfect for marking a special occasion or as a special gift.


You’ve made the investment in what you wear; now you need to make sure you take care of your wardrobe thoughtfully. This includes your neckwear. It goes without saying that any well-made garment should last; however, it’s up to you to make sure it is cared for and stored properly – not to mention, over worn. A suit needs time to breathe and recover after wearing, a shirt needs laundering, and your ties need time to relax. Your neckwear is repeatedly tied up in knots again and again, which is exactly why you need to care for them properly.

This starts with tying your tie properly. We all have our go-to tie knot, but taking off your tie should be the same. Let’s call it “undoing” your tie. This means you undo the knot almost in the same way you tied it, this ensures you aren’t putting any unnecessary stress on the fabric or the construction by pulling down on the knot. Simply undoing your tie in this manner will help your neckwear collection stick around for years to come.

Secondly, wrinkles happen. Any tie will tend to form creases, or wrinkles, especially around the area where your tie knot is tied. Steam is your best friend for wrinkles, it helps relax the fabric and let the creases naturally fall out. Keep your ties away from the iron; this method can permanently damage your tie unless you know what you’re doing.

Lastly, when storing your ties, hanging is the best practice. The natural drape helps the wrinkles fall out and gives the fabric time to air out and breathe so it’s ready for its next debut. Just make sure your ties aren’t all stuffed together – this will take all the advantages of tie storage out of the equation.


Chances are that you were taught one way to tie your tie and that’s the knot you use all the time. That’s perfectly okay, just make sure you tie it correctly and wear it with the appropriate size shirt collar. Here’s a quick guide of the most commonly found tie knots.

-The Four-In-Hand-

The most widely used and easiest tie knot to master. This is also a good option for a heftier fabric such as Grenadine or a 7-Fold construction. The Four-In-Hand is generally a good tie knot choice for a number of shirt collars.

-The Half-Windsor-

This knot is a close second to the Four-In-Hand. This knot adds a bit more heft to the tie knot and would be an acceptable choice for any tie fabric, but not all constructions. You’ll want to keep this knot in the 3 or 5-Fold makes, once you get into the 7-Fold construction the tie knot will start to get bulky. The Half-Windsor looks best with a wider spread shirt collar, as this will give the knot more room to sit.

-The Double Four-In-Hand-

Pictured: Cashmere (coming soon)

Pictured: Cashmere (coming soon)

Lesser known, but the double Four-In-Hand has been gaining tie knot market share over the past few years. This knot was created out of necessity for men who were forced to wear ties that happened to be too long for them – thus they needed a tie knot that would use more of the length without producing a larger knot such as a Half Windsor. However, these days, the Double Four-In-Hand has become a creative tie knot for dapper men. The extra loop around the knot gives another layer of interest and whimsy to the wearer’s overall look. Best used with 3 or 5-Fold constructions and acceptable with Printed Silks, Grenadines, and Cashmere fabrics.